• We use highly advanced software in our work, and because of it we can order products directly from the manufacturer’s warehouses and ensure smooth performance of orders for you. You are in possession of all necessary information, are able to track the course of performance and know for sure when the ordered part reaches you. It is simple with ER MOTORS to organize your car repair works and plan time.

  • Since 1996, these alternative automotive body parts undergo strict testing procedures. The company develops and constantly improves its control standards. Attempts are being made to introduce a brand new quality concept with the use of parts perfectly equal to the original ones. Before use, every new part has to go through the necessary warranty tests performed on more than 150 units of different make automobiles. The growth in number of tested automobiles depends on the make popularity on the entire European market, so that every client could find a part which suits him/her the best.


Your service is excellent. It is good to know that a seller may be also an adviser and even a friend. You are a trustworthy company.
- Ąžuolas Volkas, General Manager

I can sincerely recommend ER Motors as a partner in trade of automotive parts. I can assure the alternatives they offer equal the originals by their quality, but at lower price. Speaking about quality, timekeeping and complaisance, they have fulfilled all our expectations and even exceeded them.
- Oleg Dmitrijevcev, the General Manager



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